Short synopsis

Inner-city girl GRACE doesn't want to spend a week in the country helping her parents save their marriage. Country boy SAY finds Grace both obnoxious and attractive. Amongst the scenic grandeur of the dying days of summer the pair search for distraction and, against all odds, find each other.

Long synopsis

Grace is an East London girl. She's got the hair, the style and the attitude. Her parents Ben and Lucy are slowly pulling their marriage to pieces. They don't approve of her boyfriend Karim with his razored hair and hoody. Worst of all they're making her go with them on a holiday, for a week in the country.

Say is a country boy. His home among the rolling hills of the Wye Valley used to be a cattle barn. He lives with his hippy mother, Poppy. He doesn't have any friends but in Tony, the village bully, he certainly has an enemy. Say lives inside his head and despite his name, barely talks.

Grace's family couldn't afford a trip abroad so instead they are borrowing a friend's cottage. Grace is outraged when she realises that she has no phone signal. After a chance encounter with their parents, Poppy cajoles Say into showing Grace around. Grace is openly disdainful of the idea; Say is silent and sullen.

Say avoids all the usual teenage haunts. Instead he shows her the important places of his strange, isolated life. Say is both repelled and drawn to Grace's brash prettiness and urban smarts. Grace begins to respect Say's quietness. They set off on an unlikely adventure through the remarkable landscape of the border hills.

In stark contrast, circumstances around them deteriorate. Ben and Lucy are fighting more and boyfriend Karim never calls. Say struggles with Poppy's clumsy mothering and faces an escalation in hostilities with Tony. With emotions running high a clumsy come on from Grace is met with a startled rejection from Say. Their nascent friendship almost falls apart.

Yet neither Grace nor Say can resist the gravitational pull of mutual attraction. Each day together is a challenge. Say frightens Grace by climbing the walls of a broken down castle. They traverse the quiet darkness of an underground cave, pick apples in an immense orchard, swim in a slow, deep river, get lost in a field of giant corn and find refuge on a disused bridge.

Amidst the scenic grandeur of a dying summer, delicately, inexorably, they fall in love. The glorious change of the season from summer to autumn echoes and amplifies the intensity of their changing lives. First love takes them both to new emotional territory. For Say this is the Black Mountains. It was here that Say stopped talking and it is here that he finally tells Grace about his father's death. Returning for the first time since they scattered his ashes; Say opens up completely. When Grace hears his story, she is finally lost for words. She cries. They kiss.

Inspired by the example of their offspring Poppy realises she must let go of her son for both their sakes. Ben and Lucy realise they cannot let go of each other. The holiday reaches an end. Grace must return to London. Say must decide what to do next. In their search for each other they may have truly found themselves.


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